Andrés Pedrera

Cultura de empresa y tecnología

Andrés Pedrera

CIO Grupo Hola/Hello

C-level Technology & Information Professional with vast experience in:

* Digital transformation of companies, aligning to key business goals and market needs.
* Interfacing technology and business environments.
* Conceptualization, design and development of online high availability services for massive usage.
* Building and leading vast technology and not technology teams.
* Advising early stage tech start-ups on innovation, IoT and product development.

I enjoy building, I love innovation and data analysis. I’m driven by an “if you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it” philosophy and a “make it happen” attitude.

I’m especially interested in IoT and innovation in energy environments, where sustainability and technology are deeply intertwined.

Core Professional Skills:

Vast IT background | Software Development Lifecycle | Systems and network administration | Data Analysis | Business Intelligence | Big Data | IoT | Research & Development | Team Management | Achiever | Quick Learner


Cultura de empresa y tecnología

Acerca de cómo se interconectan conceptos como Cultura de Empresa, Organización, Tecnología, Procesos, Proyectos y Transformación Digital en entornos empresariales reales.

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