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Alejandro Moreno

Transformación digital y Open Source: el camino al éxito

Alejandro Moreno


Alejandro is a Technical Architect who has worked in different roles, from pure development, to leading small and medium teams, to co-founding three different companies with different partners in Technology, Content management, Marketing Online and Tourism.

He’s also been lucky enough to have worked and led some of the biggest enterprise projects in Drupal like Royal Mail, Parcelforce , and BBC.

Before joining Acquia, Alejandro was the Technical Architect at BBC, leading two teams responsible for the delivery and innovation of two of the biggest brands in the corporation: BBC GoodFood and BBC TopGear.

He also worked with one of the biggest consultancies in the world, Capgemini, where he enjoyed the delivery and learning curve of complex tools and architectures of the enterprise world.

Born in sunny Alicante, Alejandro moved to London exchanging sun, good weather and exceptional food for interesting projects, incredible teams and amazing challenges. He still doesn’t regret that choice… most of the time.

He loves learning languages, everything boarding (skateboarding, snowboarding, kitesurf, surf …), cycling, and spending time with his daughter, his wife, and his French Bulldog.


Transformación digital y Open Source: el camino al éxito

Some 20 years ago Richard stallman an accidentally started a movement that has changed the world, from software to hardware, from small to big companies. All the things we do are thanks to open source software in a way or another. The Internet itself is built on top of those principles, and the way we create software has changed forever since.

The Digital transformation revolution is no exception. Let’s talk about why your company should embrace open source to stay competitive, but also attract talent or nurture innovation. Let me share my experience and how we benefited of open source working with brands like BBC, Capgemini, renowned postal services, big pharmaceuticals or open source companies like Acquia itself. And most importantly, how you can build things in a cheaper, more reliable,safest way.


Hace unos 20 años Richard Stallman inició accidentalmente el movimiento open source (codigo libre) que ha cambiado el mundo, desde software a hardware, de pequeñas a grandes empresas. Todas las cosas que hacemos hoy en dia se deben en mayor o menor medida al software libre.

El movimiento Digital Transformation que vivimos hoy en dia no es exception. Hablemos de porque tu empresa deberia adoptar software libre, no solo para permanecer competitivo, sino para atraer talento o generar innovacion. Compartire mi experiencia y como nos beneficiamos del open source en las diferentes empresas en las que he tenido la suerte de promoverlo y adoptarlo. Empresas como BBC, Capgemini, reconocidos servicios de mensajeria en Reino Unido, grandes farmaceuticas o empresas cuyo propio corazon es Open Source como Acquia. Y, mas importante quiza, como podemos aprovecharnos de todo esto para construir nuestros proyectos en Internet de forma mas estable, segura y barata.


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